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I was in Osaka to meet my fiance since he was having a training session at his company(Sharp). We have been to Osaka World Trade Center, one of the popular tourist spots in Osaka. If I didnt make an oportunity to go there, I woudn't have known this place even though I have stayed in Kansai for about 3 years. So, this is a simple infos about Osaka World Trade Center to share with:

"The Osaka World Trade Center Building, or WTC Cosmo Tower, is the second-tallest building in Japan. It is the same height as the Rinku Gate Tower Building in Rinku Town, located in Nanko Cosmo Square near the Osaka harbor, Suminoe-ku, Osaka.

The 55-story building rises 840 feet (256 meters) and is topped by a skylobby. It contains three basement floors, a museum, restaurants, observation deck, office space and a conference room. The observation deck is in an inverted pyramid at the top of the structure. A transparent elevator can take passengers from ground level to the top in just 80 seconds.

The building houses trade offices for companies around the world.

It was built in 1995."

I was quite impressed with the elevator as it took just 80 seconds from ground level to the top of the bulding ,which was quite fast for me, but I didn't even feel anything(the feeling when we are in the elevator) . It was like WHoaaaa! :)

When we were at the top of the building(55th floor),we were entralled by the night scenery of Osaka area. Towering 252 meters above the ground, top of the Bay provides one of the most expansive panoramic views in Western Japan.The observation deck was completely encircled in glass which provided amazing views changed dramatically in a day.

The wonderful night scenery had made our 'date' quite a perfect moment, as by accidently, there was a promotion for "couple" called...(uhh unfortunately i have forgotten the title!) which was being held at The Observation Deck, right after we arrived at the 55th floor. The center of the deck was decorated with loads of candles, which had made our mood became romantic at all. The 55th floor was fully decorated with only romantic candles. All the couple who visited the deck were suggested to burn their own candle,which was free of charge-One candle for a couple. Before lighting up the candle, we were being provided a pen and a peace of cute white paper to write and express our feelings to each other. When the paper had been written, we had inserted the paper in the candle and burned it. Lastly, we had placed the candle at the table that is full of written candles to make it looked like a Heart Shape, and we were being told to pray for our happiness. It was funny. We just did the things that we were told but actually I didn't even believe in that kind of prayer. I only believe in God to provide my happiness through life. But, for making our date gone fun n could be memorable, we did the candle thing. What have we written in the paper? Only me, my fiance and God know. :)

I love you sayang!Thanks for everything that u have done for me~

Oh by the way i have searched in the net about the candle thing and here it goes:
キャンドルナイト for LOVERS(毎週土日・祝日)


when will i start writing?

uhhhh sungguh malas.but one day i'll write what my heart says.

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