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occay...its 2 o' clock in the morning andn i couldn't sleep more sebab aku dh tidor lama sgt. Enough said...By the way i actually have nothing to do since my winter break have started untill 8th Jan 2009. Sebenarnya banyak saja kerja or assignments yg lecturer bg but dh letih dgn kerenah study i made a desicion to take a break sat.
Siang tadi i just missed my bestfriends, Hanis, Denna, Juju, Ayien, Nieja. They are all now in hometown. Masing-masing ada haluan hidup sendiri. Boleh dikatakan semuanya gonna be proffesional one day. Hanis dh jd lcturer at Ipoh; Denna already have A Degree in Biology yet still persue her study in Medic,great job dear!;Nieja one day Petronas's Engineer wannabe;Juju plak same as Denna, a medical Doctor wannabe;Ayien,hummm bank manager mayb one day?fuhhh aku ingat lagi kami dulu2 masa skolah bukan main gedik. But we've just wanted to enjoy ourselves so...lantak la...masa skolah pon dh pandai berkapel2 hahhahaha takpa memories remain forever..
The point is i just want to wish Happy Engagement to Hanis and also Ayien. Hanis dengan selamatnya menjadi fiance kepada Bob tanggal 27 hb Disember 2008, Ayien plak has engaged to so-long-udt on...aiseh aku dah terlupa tarikh da...tapi recently la kan ayien oi! Moga cepat-cepat melangsungkan perkahwinan of the year. I called Hanis today to congratulate her..but it ended up like, i was warned by her to go back to my hometown for attending her wedding on 15th of March 2009. Adoi la Hanis awat tak cakap awal-awal! Unfortunately, maybe will not be able to attend ur big day dear. My family have planned to visit Japan 2009 haha. Tambah pulak depa nak mai on the 13th. Sorry hanis if i couldt make it...i'll try my best to make it possible enough.
As Denna said to me, "3 have passed, 3 more to go!", Denna, Juju, Nieja....bila lagi!!!!:p Well, back to the main thing. Hanis And Ayien, you both looked so gorgeous on ur day. I am so sorry for not attending since aku dok jauh sangat dengan hampa. Hopefully aku akan buleh attend wedding hampa semua ok. For Denna, juju and nieja plak...there is always a good man for u all. so live life to the fullest ok!
from left:Nieja,Denna,ayien,Hanis,Juju
"My besties"
Ayien and her ManHanis and her Man


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