japanese and "grotesque".

I was at my Japanese friend named Hajime kun's tiny little home with some other friends, been there after a boring, tiring, nothing-much-to-do with "case study " project, which is about doing 研究(research) on Thermal Spray. The member of the group is about plenty of us(8 people altogether), unfortunately half of the group don't really have much tasks to do.heh. I am one of them actually. Back to Hajime kun's crib's tale, we've spend about 6 hours together telling stories, chewing junk foods, having dinner which is called 卵かけご飯(rice with raw egg),clameid to be one of the most awsome home made-japanese-cuisine! and think I was fool enough to believe their sayings. Sungguh tak menyelerakan langsung!We've also done a swap in music's knowledge since their interests in listening to group of bands suit me well, and, lastly the night came out to be a grotesque one. We've watched so much videos together, from the funny ones, boring , to horrible things. Our stories have dragged to movie matters and one of my friends said that he likes グロ(GURO) movies and videos. I was a bit blurred with the meaning of the word. He detailed the explanation of the word-->GURO means 気持ち悪い(Feeling bad of something), which came from English word, abbreviation of Grotesque.

Gurotesque has 2 meanings; which are "strange or unusual in a way that is shocking or offensive", and "extremely ugly in a strange or unnatural way".

From that, we've been telling only bad and unusual stories. My friend has brought out the Poso War story happened in Indonesia which simply can be watched in youtube by just type "Poso" at search button and they'll come out. Another friend has reccomended us to watch "F1 darkside accidents" video, well, to me it's not as 気持ち悪い as he imagined. My turn has come, and the idea came out to introduce them about Muslim's Hari Raya Korban(aidiladha). To be more cleared, i've showed them youtube's videos about slaughtering a cow for the feast, regrettably they couldn't afford to watch the video at all. Slaughtering thing in public is a bit violent to them. Well I didn't expect them to feel so at all!

As a conclusion, Penakut rupanya orang Jepun nih!hihihihih

Okazaki kun with his egg before it has been mixed



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