Toyohashi VS Waseda

I just wanna share this with everyone.

My lecturer, Prof. Miyoshi has been teaching us, the Production System Engineering students in System Control Engineering Analytical Theory while we were loosing our interest in paying to his attention. He then has tried to alter the story to something which has had nothing to do with the lecture. The story was about my University, Toyohashi Univ. of Tehcnology versus, one of the popular,"greater" universities compared to ours, called Waseda University.

Basically, Toyohashi Univ. is a National univ., has around 2,100 students including undergraduate, master and doctoral course students. It focuses the students' efforts on furthering the progress of advanced technologies such as robotics, information technology (IT), electronic and optical devices, advanced materials science, environmental sciences and technologies. To be more simplified, my univ have only an Engineering School; no medical, accounting, law and other schools. The school fee for a year is about 53万¥($5,796 US dollar). Some amount of the Japan's tax is given to my univ. for income, expenses and R&D etc. approximately 35億¥($3.8 billion US) ANUALLY. When the amount of students is being devided by the tax amount, a student will get about 170万¥($18,392 US) from the country.

Meanwhile, Waseda Univ. is one of Japan's top private universities., having around 20000 students altogether, with numerous faculty numbers including Engineering. The famous scientist Albert Einstein even had come to visit Waseda U. for a short lecture in 1922. The students have to pay around 250万¥($27,047 US) for a year's fee, 4 times as many amount as my univ does. Japanese government provides about 100億¥($10 Billion us dollar) yearly for the university finances. Unfortunately, a student ends up to have only about 20万¥($2,163 US) a year. Compared to Toyohashi Univ, the money provided by the government become smaller, since it has too many students.

My univ. gets more profits (per student) rather than Waseda Univ. in financial context. Thus, our responsibility to Japanese government is also getting bigger than Waseda Univ's, meaning that we have to study more and harder than Waseda students due to get better results; and listen to his lecture too!

Prof. Miyoshi has tried hard to make his students getting his attention back to his lecture.
However, we just neglected it and did whatever we want in the class(chatting, playing with handphones, sleeping etc.)

Good job sir! :)


alimau8589 said...

lalalal!!!!masuk uitm lg bagush:D

dartdadada said...

uitm best tk?hehehehhe tak penah tau mc mana suasana univ kt malaysia.

alimau8589 said...

nnt balik mesia,masuk uitm kat pintu depan,kuar kat pintu blakang...lalalalal~~


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