candles on a bun

 Yesterday i was invited to celebrate my friend's bigday. The name of the birthday boy is Okazaki who has turned into 22. He's 180cm tall and i only know that he can't live without beers. Too bad!He drinks a lot but he never gets drunk, how weird... i bet one day he's stomach will get hurt because of his bad habit.

We started the plan when we've gone dinner together without him at Chinese Cuisine. We planned to buy cake for him, but since the time is over 8pm(generally shops are closed at 8pm everyday), we then straight away  dropped by at Lawson convenient store, searching for cake and candles. Unfortunately, only non-delicious-looked cakes were left. The cake plan has been CANCELED.  

 It turned out to be a "big bun and 22 prayer(letak kat tokong) candles" plan. As for presents and gifts, we just bought the lucky draw anime goodies ; a mug, a Cellphone strap, and notebook i guess<-----pity him. It was fun, we all had fun spending time together. 

Happy Birthday Okazaki! Just don't drink 'n drive!

The birthday boy and his "cake"

p/s: okazaki has just moved to new apartment near mine. He doesn't like cleaning, thus promoted me a part time job just to settle down his untidy stuff, building up the new drawers etc. for 5000¥. Yes i would love to mate!


wasabi said...

banyaknye candles! how did u lit all of it? tak terbakar ke bulu2 tgnkik3...

dartdadada said...

lighter banyak....


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