how to be stylish?

I'm not saying that i am a stylish person. But i do care and concern about fashion because i am really into this "melaram" world. Since i was a kid, my brother and sisters, also my parents always asked for my decision or advices in buying clothes. I don't know why but they used to say that my sense of fashion is good and i am quite confident with it. To look good in the way you are dressing doesn't need a lot of money at all. It is not necessary for us to buy the expensive clothes n stuff to look stylish. But, sometimes money does play the important role. The most important thing for me is the way we dress up, the way we balance our clothes and also understanding our body size and pattern. It is important for us to understand our body size and pattern so that when we put on the clothes, they will suit us perfectly no matter how the clothes look. For example, if someone has a big size butt, it is not encouraged to wear short clothes. What about balancing our clothes? There are various kinds of balancing our style. To be precise, let's imagine the balance with letters. The letter of A, I, X and Y is the best balance for dressing. Also we can call them A line, I line, X line and Y line. Malas nak post gambar. Boleh bayang dengan kepala masing-masing kan. Lastly, be confident with what we are wearing. Senang cerita!ha ha

Baju semalam.
my body doesn't suit I line, can u imagine?

Put on a belt to make it more X line look. Simple!

Black logo one-piece : Dosch
Belt : received from Intan
Skirt : bought somwhere (lupa)
and a pair of black leggings.


Mr. Jedi..! said...

A? I? X? Y..? Q, K dan Z takde?

Sumpah tak faham..

dartdadada said...

org laki takyah faham haha


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