countanence sketching

Have your face ever been sketched by other people?

Since living in here, 2 people have ever sketched mine.

Here are mine.

Me wearing KIMONO

Sketched by : Ayaka Kodama
Studying art in one of the universties in Kyoto.
She once attended the Kimono Waiwai event with me.


Sketched by : Matsumoto san
An artist and also a designer. Also a leader of YSSI Assc..
I love his voice. Sexy.
Met him while volunteering for YSSI event.

What's YSSI?
An association located at Yaguchi , Tahara, a place where surrounded by lovely hills and beaches.
YSSI is a volunteer group which feels responsible to protect Yaguchi's nature.

YSSI logo
This logo also was desinged by Matsumoto san.
It symbolizes turtle since this creature has been in danger!!
(Orang Tranu dok makan telur penyu ha ha jgn mara Yana)
I love nature. Someday i wish to be one of the vounteers to protect MY nature(Malaysia).
To the more cleaner environment!


lorongsetia8 said...


u remind me of my Uni days kat Okayama!

macam byk persamaan kita ni..

really like ur blog, terasa muda remaja gakusei balik :)


Leni said...

sketch #2: mengapa sedikit juling di situ. hehehe.

boringdirectory said...

I can actually sketch faces~

zhrh said...

bestnya ada org sketch gambaq

dartdadada said...



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