oh yesterday i got a farewell present from my lab's mate. It was such an honour(takla berjasa mana pun). The present was Japan soccer team's jersey from Adidas(salah satu benda yang tak pernah ada dalam list kepala otak shopping). Thanks all. Ok, i'll share the shirt with my hubby soon haha. Mau berebut.

p/s: rindu nak tulis my daily diary. But i cant due to the not-ready-life. Am busy packing my stuffs to be sent by cargo soon. Till then ya!


haniekunie said...

reading ur blog is a routine now, though u may not have time to update it. :D

takpe, kemas semua barang, i'm willing to wait.. :P cheesy kan?

dartdadada said...

wow feeling so honoured!huhu


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