50% discount goodies!

I haven't been "shopping" since i came back from seoul. It was like last year. Shopping to me is when I go inside each boutique in a shopping complex, and come out with all sorts of paper bags around my hands, and arms. That is really what i call shopping. The reason i do not shop a lot now is because when i think of my wardrobe, it makes me feel that i have had enough, MORE than enough buying apparels. Or, maybe i have to start thinking of other important things, rather than shopping, maybe my someday-be-held-wedding? I must start to save from now unless....i will go back for good with nothing in my hand, but only clothes as my aset.

Collection of my paper bags!!yes i did shop a lot!

Btw, yesterday, i did shop; but only for a few, compared to the time when i was in College doing my Diploma. Actually, i'm not into buying handbags, feeling that japan's general handbag is not attracted enough to me, unless the quality ones. (quality=money), so i rather not buy some of handbags that i mentioned. But yesterday, i bumped into a SALE store with no expectation, but lastly, it came out to be a quite good shopping day. Guess what what i bought, and they have made me satisfied enough!

Butterfly hadbag at only ¥1000
(discount 50% from ¥2000+-)

leather handbag only ¥2500
(discount 50% from ¥5000+-)


checked muffler at only ¥500
(discount 50% from ¥1050)

last but not least,
my toiletries!haha


zhrh said...

cantik leather bag tu

dartdadada said...

murah ja..janji aku suka.hehe


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