best buy!!

BEST BUY=when we purchase good things in cheaper price.

That is what i'm searching for when my money condition is not in good one. Nahh..there's no "NO" in buying the sale goods isn't it? As long as we love the design, in good condition and stuff, why not! I am not into expensive things all the time. I am flexible enough to make desicion whether to buy the expensive or in cheaper price. The main point is, if i like this one thing, no matter what it takes with the price, as long as i am capable enough to purchase it, i'll buy it. I just couldn't resist buying new clothes!!

From now on, I promise not to waste my money on expensive things anymore. I have to start saving! I love buying new clothes, but now they are all must be below 2000¥, at least. Let's challenge ourselves friends!!

Let's take a look at my fashion sense in cheaper price! hehe

short sleeve stripe dress for 1400¥

3 piece set of onepiece for only 1800¥

"Great Western" long sleeve shirt for 970¥

Oh by the way, Recently I'm into girly sense of fashion. Feels boring with my recent apparels which is a bit boyish. They all can be mixed up with variety of styles which i'd love to try soon!

I wish i could make a business on selling Japanese style of fashion's apparels one day....sigh..

Plus, just now i've bought a Torso mannequin in the net, just in case i would like to mix and match the clothes rather than i wear it by myself!

New Torso mannequin to come by


zhrh said...

mak ai ni sekali hanrung ka banyak2 kali harung?

dartdadada said...

banyak2 kali arung la...tapi buat skali blog....hehhehhe


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