ethnic earings

Today, again I'm alone in the house, doing whatever i want to. My housemates ZAZA and YANA have gone somewhere else since the spring break has started. Woke up at aroun 1 pm, took a shower, and drove my Guppy to 3 places seperately.

Firstly, i went to nearest laundry to wash my 3 filthy outers. Damn expensive; 3 jackets for ¥1996. After that, i headed to Takashi Station just to comform whether the car park is in 24hrs operation. Yes, it is open 24hrs everyday. Then straight away i headed to Jusco. There, with no purpose at all, i haunted the Travel Agency. Asking whether they ever organize the one-day-Trip to Mount Fuji. Just in case my parents want to go there. The answer was NO. They do not organize the trip now unless it's summer. OK whatever...

While lingering around other stores, i got in a Thai-Indonesian store called AJARA Asian・Zakka, selling ethnic goods. The accecories were interesting. I grabbed one earing, and two bracelets and immediately with no thaught, made the payment.

Cool PEACE earings for ¥945

Bracelets from left ¥240, right ¥420

Now, here in my room, after i write this note, i'll clean up my house, I promise.



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