Truely Engineered

Today, i realized that everybody has interested with my earings, and even they kept staring on it. My friends and also Maeno Sensei, my lecturer kept asking whether i do "it" by myself. Of course i have no such time to create it by myself. If only I had so much time to do it, I bet I am truely "engineer". Look what I've put on ! I thought it's just an ordinary earing. But when everybody has kept asking about it, then i've realized that actually it is not. Anyway, i like them so much, my screw earings!!Thanks for being the coolest earings that i've ever had.ngeeeee!
Aren't they cool??
3 pairs of earings from Claire
Star printed shirt : *babe be equivalent*
Grey singlet : elfin
Skinny Pants: Levi's remixed


lumpkins said...

how do u put those on...tak nampak cangkuk ape pon.....

ezattykhalid said...

mcm besaq ja subang tu untuk dimasukkan ke cuping telinga...haha x sakit ka wehh??

dartdadada said...

hahahaha.bukan cuuk trus...dia ada la jarym kecik nk masukkn dlm tlinga....heee

shafiq said...

sgt praktikal.
time handle machine kot2 ada skru ilang bleh la pakai.
truely engineered. well said.

dartdadada said...

yes.btol tu.tu mcm spare screw la lebih kurg haha


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