can't resist buying these!

Ni lah 3 benda yang aku terbeli tu...not bad.

1. MILBON Deesse's(tergeliat lidah nak sebut) Shampoo
2. MILBON Deesse' Treatment (Conditioner)

MILBON hair cair products are from Japan. Never heard of this brand until I went to Maizuru's salon and was introduced by the stylist. From then, i've been using this hair care product. I wonder if i be back in Malaysia, how am i going to buy this product?*sigh*

3. TIGI BED HEAD Health Goddess

I've always wanted to own some BED HEAD's hair products since I was doing my preparation course at KL. Selalu masuk SALA dalam KLCC tapi tak beli pun. Tatau ok ka tak. It's just the design. Cool, funky as always. For a start, i decided to try this product which is a vitamin booster for healthier hair.


Lalang said...

Sala? it's SaSa la!! haha

dartdadada said...

eh sa sa ka?haha lupa.

dartdadada said...

sala restoran hat ada lalat dlm udang celup tepung tu waahahahhahah

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

sala shampoo botol pink ngn biru tu

dartdadada said...

yeah shampoo kesukaan izyan sho.


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