sarouel pants

Have you ever heard about Sarouel Pants(サルエルパンツSa-ru-e-ru)? Do you have any idea about it? "Sarouel" is a French term for a low crotch trousers, traditionally worn in North Africa. It is wide, flowing pants whose leg bottoms are tight, and also has a very low crotch plus very comfortable to wear! It is said that Sarouel pants was originally worn by Muslim as folk costume. In 1977, Sarouel pants have been introduced for the first time at Paris Collection and from around 2002, again this pants has become the fashion icon among fashion lovers.

the characteristics of Sareoul pants

Sarouel pants also can be called aladdin pants, afganic pants, harem pants(click for info), salwar/shalwar(click for info) pants or parachute pants. They are all share same criterias.

best fits with Gladiator or high heels

In Japan, denim Sarueru pants is more popular than other materials. They're cool!!

Cool huh?Nak nakkkkkkkk!!!


Diba Rosli said...

yes yesss usha da lame daaaa,tnggu die murah sket,hak2

dartdadada said...

kannnn.yg murah ada...tapi kain cotton la kot :p

Diba Rosli said...

minat yg cm pic harem pants tu,usha2 7sen.hmph.tnggu dlu tnggu dlu ;p

zhrh said...

pakai dgn gladiator kowt...haha
nama dia harem pants kah? huhu taktau
lame btoi aku ni!

dartdadada said...

dib:wow dekat 1man dah tuuu
zhrh:aah omputeh panggey harem pants.mcm pelik gk...harrreeeeem!:p

zhrh said...


haniekunie said...

style wat suar tdo sangat best.. selesa.. tdoq lena..

dartdadada said...

seluaq tidoq hot pants la....hihihhi


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