international calls yang aku tak call.

Uganda, Italy dan Kenya. WOW!
I've been using SKYPE for years but suddenly, today, on 9th July 2009, something ridiculous happened to my account and i was like, BULLSHIT! Somebody hacked my account. When i checked my call history, there were plenty of calls to Uganda, Italy and Kenya(sejak bila aku jadi orang negro ni). And now my skype out call has been blocked from calling out(i just wanna keep in touch with families and bubu), maybe by Skype staffs, noticed something odd with it. Besides that, my credit has been topped up twice, once on the 5th of July, and one more for TODAY. Basically, i only purchase the credit for 1500 ¥ ONCE in a month, and that "2nd" purchase freakin me out! I just concern and worrying about my Credit card details and are tryin hard to remove the details from my account. Unfortunately, i just couldn't find the way to remove it. Nasib baik skype block, tapi bila aku nak call out, tak boleh...How am I goin to deal with this problem? How about me and bubu's since it's the only way for us to communicate when i miss him? (malas nak tukar id baru, menyusahkan!!! cc aku mcm mana ni??)

p/s: Hakikat "long distance relationship". Tidak mudah but i will never fail to pray for our happiness.


Anonymous said...

memanglah kau bukan negro..tapi kau ade pakwe baru orang negro..kiki lawak jer. BTW nih adalah teknik bypass nih..computer kau dah di infected with malware/spyware ..benda nih ade trojan..dia akan hantar maklumat yang dia dapat from komputer kau ke remote computer yang hackers guna untuk kumpul maklumat yang diorang dpt. aku suggest stop guna card kreadit juga dekat kom kau nih. run anti-virus yang telah di update.. make sure update dulu. after that cabut wayar internet then run anti virus..byk byk kali.

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

cuak gile...duit leh terbang~

marumaruchan said...

style ade pakwe negro tanak ngaku...
ngaku je la kak dart..

dartdadada said...

opsssssssssssss kantoi!!!


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