gyaru makeup

Fisrt of all, what the hell is gyaru?

Gyaru is one of the Japanese street fashions which began in the mid 1990's. Gyaru is the Japanese pronunciation of the American slang forthe word "girl". The 1st style of gyaru is known as Ganguro. Ganguro is known for their tanned skins, blonde hair, and white makeup. People believe that Ganguro was inspired by American girls such as the girls of american drama called "baywatch".

Also, below are the interview results with Mr. Katsukawa of "Cawaii!" magazine(one of gyaru mags) about gyaru ;

Q: Is there a definition for the word "Gyaru"?
A: It depends on the "gyarus" themselves. Some may say that "gyarus" are people who dress like a flirt, others may say people who look cute.
Q: When did platform shoes, mini-skirt, blond hair, wigs, flamboyant makeup and nails come into fashion?
A: Platform shoes--they started to attract attention since this spring. Mini- skirts-fashion comes in a cycle. Mini-skirts were in fashion 3-4years ago too. Guys like mini-skirts. Maybe girls who want to be popular wear them. Blond hair-started about 1-1.5 years ago. Wigs--they are out of fashion now. Makeup--Do you mean lame makeup? The boom started about two years ago.
Q: Are there certain brands that your readers prefer?
A: 109 Brands (especially Egoist, CoCoLuLu, and Kapalua).
Q: Why do the models in our magazine prefer tanned skin?
A: I do not know. Our models and readers are not "Yamanba Gyaru" (meaning "gyarus" that have extremely white hair and extremely tanned skin ).
Q: What are some differences between Cawaii! and other magazines.
A: It is a fashion magazine so, the content of the magazine is mainly clothes beauty. High quality. Compared with other magazines, we have the readers model for us. Therefore Cawaii! becomes more real to the readers.

urgh. crap.

Gyaru makeup

For me, gyaru makeup is a bit similar to smokey eyes makeup. It's also a style of makeup which is mainly concentrated around the eyes ONLY with fake eyelashes, black eyeliner and contact lenses(for making the eyes looked bigger). Normally, people wo apply this makeup only concentrate on the eye liner thing, NOT on the eye shadow. Eye shadow is usually applied very light, lighter that the usual makeup. I adore this kind of makeup that will make everyone looks cuter, trust me, with properly applied, i mean. The fashion? Not really attracts be but the makeup, i like it. Most of the girls in Japan has been applying this gyaru makeup, i guess because it makes their eyes look bigger since they have really really small eyes with single-edged eyelid. Pity them. They usually apply this makeup daily, only with the eyes, interesting. No contouring, no blusher(sometimes). Can't imagine of them with No-Makeup, must be horrifying. ha ha.


click here for one of the simple tutorials!

ok mine?
with fake eyelashes and contact lense

oh no! too fake!

without fake eyelashes feels better!

well what can i say...simple is way much much better!haha
my eyes are big ENOUGH for applying this makeup.


Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

bulu mata tu baru nmpak gyaru, kalau tak, tak gyaru lah, heh, nanti try kan utk aku, i like i like ,mcm doll..:)

aiko kato said...

ye la dart..ur eyes cam doll r...tapi without gyaru pon mata mu suda besar...nice~

d i b d i b a d i b a h said...

eh ako sukaaaaa ja,fake klu hang sndri rasa fake,klu konfiden chantekks sajaa ;D

nazrul said...

kaler rambut tuh kuning pastu gi shibuya nari para para mmg gyaru habis la!

boringdirectory said...

LOL baru minggu lepas..aku ngan kawan aku...gi myeodong..kat situ kan byk Japanese..and smbil pointing kat Japanese yg rambut besar gedabak..I asked my friend..wey kau agak berapa lama dia amik amsa untuk make up semua tuh?....and sometimes....aku jumpak japanese yg lebih tannnn daripada aku WTF?

Leni said...

fake eyelash tu bukan gyaru weh. SPA Q. hahahahahahhaa

dartdadada said...

@yana : ok i will!weekend ni i buat untuk hang!

@tihah : hehheh ingtkan mata i kecik...try try beso rupanya!

@dib : mcm mana la nihonjin...mesti lain gila kalau tak makeup...bapak la lain jadi muka!

@doink : ohh sory la aku tak minat rmbut blonde...jadi maknyah la aku kalau rambu aku blonde haha

@paklah : ya silalah menyampah dengan diorang ni..pelik2

@leni : depa tiru SPA Q kot..inspired by...hahhhahaa

~M i z a ~ said...

haha! so nice the eyes mkeup.. and japanese ppl r also weird.. sme in sydney..
n bdw, xder ke versi translation for the cara makeup? mcm mnarik r ;)

dartdadada said...

i think there's no need to translate kot...u just click kat gambar tu n download. Gambar-gambar tu membantu i guess. Teka-teka pon ok :p

dartdadada said...

oh...kat youtube ada tutorials!just type "gyaru makeup"!

~M i z a ~ said...

thanks darl!! *while rushing to the youtube* LOL


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