get bored with straight hair?

Try to curl your hair by urself! What do we need is only a 32~38mm curler(curler saiz besar, kalau kecik tak jadi) to make our hair looked different! Straight hair to gorgeous wavy hair in just err...15 minutes?

Long hair
(click for larger view)

medium long hair
(click for larger view)

how to curl :
1. if possible, use heat protection hair spray to protect our
hair from the curler before curling. Same applies to straight iron. Don't simply iron our hair without using heat protection spray. Selalunya bila tengok orang buat rebonding, rambut nampak keras, sebab iron ni sebenarnya tak digalakkan.
2. Dont simply curl our hair sesuka hati di mana-mana. Seboleh-bolehnya, bahagikan rambut kepada 4/5 partition(click the picture).
3. Start curl!
4. Apply wax to have the curl stayed longer

and the result is :


picture above's makeup is tribute to jillstuart's (cool sensual) mag again!

click for larger view
um...senang cerita, smokey eyes. A bit simpler to apply.



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