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The Victoria label was born in 1915 in La Rioja and arose from the powerful textile industry that was emerging at the time and the traditional manufacture of espadrilles, which dated back to the 19th century.

Over time, Victoria confirmed its standing as the leading brand in the youth market. Nowadays, the company targets both the children's fashion and youth fashion industries. Both lines are designed and created by the Victoria team with a view to spurring the company on both in Spain and abroad.

Victoria is… design + quality + comfort. The label Victoria has been the Spanish market leader in footwear for young people since 1915. The company’s mission is to dress every youngster in the best designed shoes available on the market and to achieve this, its strategy is based on continual improvement and the search for new trends and fashions.

The design team investigates and analyses trends in order to create the finest collections without ever losing sight of the fact that Victoria has a very iconic side to it, which can’t be changed. The rim of the sole, the grains-of-rice effect of the sole, the retro serge lining… over 50 years’ experience making plimsolls in the same way and the results speak for themselves.

i didnt even know the existant of victoria footwear untill i found and bought this at nagashima outlet for 50% sale(i guess):

close up

season : spring/summer 2008
model : 06702
name : INGLESA DISENO CARAS ANA HERAS(wtf tak reti baca)
series : 35/41
colour : negro

oh oh im so in love with the design. simple, tak macam snekers brand lain. canvas sneakers are cool. Maybe i'll order banyak-banyak from my bro, sebab brand ni from spain, kat UK sangat banyak. yehooooooooo!



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