Well, my birthday has recently past last week. Life went macam biasalah, sharp midnight came across the night, got a simple birthday wish from hubby, the best was his tender kiss. Lagi best kalau baby dalam perut ni boleh ucap birthday kat mummy. Sebelum ni dapat hadiah bagai seronok...tetapi sekarang hubby's warmth sudah cukup membahagiakan. :)

The day before, i was craving for cupcakes and hubby drove me to wondermilk cupcakes. Lest just say, the cafe was extremely gorgeous. Cupcake dia boleh la....paling menyengat milo flavaaaaaaah! Not too sweet compared to others.


Bangun pagi tersangatlah fresh, rupanya i would received a bouquet of flowers from hubby. Chey nak surprise lah konon, tapi memang it worked! Thanks honey. First time to get yellow and orange flowers. Maybe he wanted something different. Dahla hantar ke ofis, satu kampung tau bikin i maloo saja lah! Terasa sweet sekejap haritu.

Letak di meja sikijap.

and not to forget present from officemaite!

They really made my half day besides balik rumah bukak facebook, wishes from friends praying for my happiness! I could feel the blessings from GOD. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life. No complaint, i just feel sangat-sangat BERSYUKUR by having a lovely husband, now we're waiting for our jr. to come out, wonderful job(started to like my job), caring family, I couldn't ask for more!

The rest of the day will be storied later. to be continued.



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