pro surfers and clean environment?

Takatsuka Beach, located near to Toyohashi city(place where i live now) is quite popular among beach surfers to spend their outdoor activity, beach surfing. I've been there for about 3 times, once with my former surfing club members having barbeque, second with my classmates playing 花火(firecrackers), and third time; today's morning. Woke up at 8 a.m, took a light shower and gamble drove our car to the beach with my housemate, Yana. We, actually are one of the Nature club members of our Univ. I and Yana like oceans very much since our hometown is near to the beach, so we 've made our decision to just join the program, eventhough our final exams is getting closer---> next week.

Today's program was to build up the 堆砂垣(bush hedge?). That was the first time I heard about the activity of building the bush hedge for preventing the sand to be eroded by the wind. I was like, not to say not in the mood in doing that thing, i enjoyed setting up them, but my focus was only to the surfers who had worked hard together with us. Why they joined us?They are all pro surfers, not the volunteers or even nature club members. Not only that, they will together pick up the garbage that has been thrown every weekend. I was touched by that, ponder deep in my heart, they are great!! Why? Because they realize how important "nature", "cleanliness", "green environment" to each other.

I've ask one of my outdoor activity lover's friend in Malaysia. He's a skateboarder, not a fulltime one but, he's once or more has appeared in magazine and so on, maybe pro skater to be one day. I asked him whether skateboarders in Malaysia willing to do the eco activity such as cleaning the skating area, picking up the garbage and stuff. Guess what he said? "Gila ka apa nak kutip sampah?". "Kami buat gotong-royong pun sapu sampah, takut-takut kalau ada batu ka, takut kena board. Kutip sampah ka tak penah la."

That's the difference. You judge.

i love clean beach.

"live with the blue sky,
live with the green forests,
and live with our EARTH."


alimau8589 said...

manyak lasat lo~~
tgh pasang angan2 nie..lalala~~

dartdadada said...

angan angan nak buat apa pulak?

alimau8589 said...

angan2 nak sampai nipon...~~lalala!!!


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