wasted navigation system

Travelling in Japan by car, it's not complete to not use the "car navigation system"(carnavi). Many people use carnavi as a machine to find destination routes in just few clicks. Nowadays, carnavi is already equipped in every brand new Japanese car, almost every car for free?

useful carnavi

Why we need a carnavi here in Japan? This is what I've searched in the net:
"Now a car is not really a car without some car navigation - especially in big city like Tokyo because many addresses dont have road names. Its quite funny actually. Take a Japanese address that ends in 6-2-12 for example.
"6" designates a block covering lets say 100x100 square meters. "2" covers a block within the 100x100 square. The "12" designates an abode "somewhere" within the "2". Finding an address can be a pain as you can imagine."
After many years of living in Japan, especially after I reached Toyohashi, I have been driving my cute car everyday. To school, karaoke, supermarket, department stores, friends', restaurants etc. with no carnavi. In Toyohashi, I can drive at 90km range without a carnavi. Travelling with car is more cheaper than using public transport. So, when my mom said that she had made the decision to visit me here, I decided to use my friend's car for travelling. I was not lucky enough because her car was not equipped with carnavi, but i needed it so much for safer travel. So, with no thaught, I bought a PSP carnavi software in the internet called MAPLUS 2 ポータバルナビ(portable navi) along with GPS reciever for ¥13000, nearly RM450.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be used. The routes are only provided in ONLY BIG CITIES. Unluckily, Toyohashi is not included in the range. So, I've wasted my time, and the most important thing, my damn MONEY. Give me back my money idiot! I've to think other way to make the gadjet useful enough, or maybe just sell it as second-hand good.

MAPLUS Portable Navi for PSP


Liyana Safra said...

toyohashi tempat yg sangap!

dartdadada said...

sangat sangat lah setuju!

zhrh said...

hahaha sangap mcmana tu?hahaha

dartdadada said...

tempat yg takdak apa apa.buleh makan tidoq makan tidoq ja hehehhe


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