my japs name

My name written in Japanese is ハイダル ナジヤ(Haidaru Najiya). It is written in Katakana. But the real Japanese use Kanji to write their name. I've asked my lab mates to give me Kanji's name too so that i can write my own name instead of Katakana. They've tried hard thinking the most suitable words to replace my Katakana's name. I'd told them "Haidar" means Lion. The impression towards my name changed to "Hooligan". Yankee's words were being chosen to fit my real name. And I like it!

覇威蛇瑠 梛侍鵺

The pronunciation of Haidaru Najiya is remained, but now not it Katakana anymore. Some of my friends objected the name since it sounds too violent for them. For a bit "Onnano ko rashii"(Gurlish-looked) name, they've searched other Kanjis, more cuter that the previous name. And i just like both my new name! Thanks for spending time doing useless thing!

葉委雫瑠 奈慈耶

p/s: the new name is actually looks like I'm Chinese.heh. That's what they told me.

black Jacket : Uniqlo
Blue shirt : Hard Rock (ueno-eki Tokyo)
Skirt : Park Girl


zhrh said...

aku ingat hang dah beli tailored jacket tuh
rupanya uniqlo
aku suka combination skirt dan tight nampak chumel

dartdadada said...

haha dak la.yg batch jacket tu mahai....sbb stylish skit kot.


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