tailored jacket with badge

I've always been wanting this for so long :

Japanese call this gorgeous jacket as "TE-RA
-DO JACKET". It is actually came from the word "Tailored", but you know Japs can't pronounce it correctly.heh



It's better to have a cute badge attached together for better, cuter one!!

Mama, i want that jacket...!


dilla said...

hmm.dulu dulu ade gak jacket cmni, mak belikan dari kedai 2nd hand.tapi time tu rase mcm tak cool plak pakai jaket ade batch.mcm skema je.after 10 years bile tgk balik, wah mcm smart je ;p

dartdadada said...

uiiiii.tk skema....very da cool!!hahahha

azmingrayscale said...

should buy something looks good on you not on the model..cause if they wear socks on their head pun..orang consider as fashion..

dartdadada said...

dah try n it was ok..but the price was i bit expensive. hehe

Diloz said...



Hafizah said...

smart kan. i wanted to get one from zara cun gila but no fulusss. :(

dartdadada said...

nak nak nak!!
last last tak beli.hahaha

Diba Rosli said...

yes yes,da lame nak,tiap2 kli msuk season die pon usha,but still x bli,hahahaha

dartdadada said...

yeah rite..last last balik malaysia.


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