Torso and Lomo pics've arrived!

Family Trip_Tokyo Tower
Film : Fujichrome Sensia III(RAIII)
Cross processed

1st : Hello! well, yeah that was my shot while visiting Tokyo Tower with my family. Do take a look at my flickr website if you have time. It's just part of my hobby. Taking LOMO pictures. And i will love analog camera forever!

2nd: My torso has arrived just now. And also i'm gonna have fun REmixing up my wardrobe. Can't wait to see the results.heeeee!

Torso Mannequin

3rd: I have to go to school today at 3pm. it's just for meeting up the Research lab's members which is called "顔合わせ"(kao awase) since I'm the newbie. I wonder whose gonna be my senior and hoping that there is at least ONE good-looking senior for the "spirit" of going to research lab everyday!ngeeee. What will i wear? I'm thinking of it now.


Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

hang nak juai baju ka beli mannequin?

dartdadada said...

tak ah.untuk kegunaan sendiri.

Anonymous said...

belajar aa menjahit...fun jugak to design baju sendiri and pakai..I guest.

dartdadada said...

aku reti crosstitch jek.boleh?hahaha

Lalang said...

hg pakai la sorang2 baju crosstitch tu hahaha

dartdadada said...

hahhaha takmoooooooooooooo!org buat sarung bantai aaa


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