Want Japs fashion stuffs?

I am proudly to anounce that I and my housemates are launching our online boutique, focusing on Japanese Fashions, the REAL Japanese fashion since we are now in the Japs fashion world.  We are also inspired by the latest Japan's fashion magazines. SO, ...if you are interested in this, do spend your time logging on to 


We are also attaching the "mix n match" parts so that you will get to know more and will have the ideas about Japs fashions. Support us and, thank you for reading!


shafiq said...

cmna nk beli baju kat sanbogi tuh?
bleh post mai m'sia ka?
brapa plak ongkosnya?

dartdadada said...

ada statement tulis kat sebelah kanan how to order.
yes kami post ke malaysia trus.sampai rumah.
kos ke malaysia mayb la...dlm rm10 atau lebih kurg kot...apit..baju parka biru tuh nak ka..kalau taknak ada org nk book!

shafiq said...

ada lg dak?
deposit duit kat akaun maybank seblah tu ka?


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