cold turkey

Today i've learned new English phrase. Ok I know how bad I am in English skill since i've been staying in Japan. English is rarely used here. So nak tak nak I have to accent the Japanese language skill. While driving today, the radio called I-RADIO has been broadcasting the simple English lesson for Japanese. The phrase for today was "Cold Turkey". It has nothing to do with the turkey itself. "Cold turkey" means to suddenly stop smoking cigarettes or stop taking drug. Oh now I realize how bad I am in speaking English.....(sedih)


Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

ayam turki yg sejuk~haha

Hafizah said...

read more books. insyaAllah boleh improve. hehe..not that mine hebat but ade la improvement.

dartdadada said...

yes i should.nk dok uk gakkkkk!!


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