temptations ; inflight shopping

Ever heard of Malaysia Airlines's inflight shopping called Temptations? My mum always buy lips travel palettes for herself while on board. Dior has the best lip pallete with extraordinary compact, as well as stylish too. The price is cheaper than usual one, and of course for the cosmetics especially, we can only purchase the travel pack items only in the airport or on board. Last night, i made the desicion to buy item that i really really want for so long. It's Chanel Travel Makeup Palette. It comes with 3 brushes and a compact, all-in-one(eye shadow, lip, blusher) and is also easy to apply. Nak guna sayangnya....sebab susah nak beli, takut habis comot..And i'll be using this brand like forever sebab memang dah terobsessed dengan brand nih..ha ha. But the quality memang tak payah cakap lah.
Bila selak-selak buku Temptations tu lagi, tergoda nak beli Benefit Smokin' eyes since this kit is too cool for me!ha ha. Siap dengan buku manual cara-cara nak makeup lagi. My friend Denna has introduced me about Benefit cosmetics. Never tried this brand before. Cool huh. Click the link for the tutorial by the expert. Nanti bila dah try i'll post the result kat muka yang tak seberapa ni.

I love smokey eyes.


Adela said...

nak jugak!!
i pon suka smokey eyes..hehe kita geng!
but i love ur eyes tho

dartdadada said...

yeah.thanks.mata saya mcm mata kucheng haha.sometimes org ckp mcm musang la, tikus la..mcm mcm!anyway smokey eyes smokin' rawk.

hasrul said...

Woo..perempuan nak smoking2 leh plak.laki nak smoking tak bleh.ape cerit!!ini tak adil

dartdadada said...

laki smoke kot mulut...pompuan smoke kot mata.ok what!


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