ikat perut

Outing with hubby and Alang.

What a sunny day.
(Oh really in love with Pale & Light Color mode-Art filter)

One of the outfits that mummy wannabe can try is to belt our bump. Suka tengok Naomi Watts with her Birkenstock and  random belt while pregnant. As i said, tak suka la bila pregnant nampak tak active, mandom(sebab diri ini memang bukan macam tu), so why not we dress like we want! 
Pregnancy Fashion tip: As your tummy gets bigger, it is flattering to wear dresses, tunics or tops that gently hug your bump so you look pregnant, not big. Belting your bump is one way to turn your dresses and tunic tops into a stylish 2nd/3rd trimester look.

tunic : from alang
belt : uniqlo
pants : scarlet maternity
bag : Coach



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